What were they hiding from us? list of UFO cases, sightings etc.

Abstract: While the link between Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or Unidentified 

Flying  Objects  (UAP  or  UFOs)  and  the  existence  of  alien  life  has  long  been 

discredited as pseudoscience, an increasing number of government disclosures and 

reports  on UFOs  and  their  witnesses  have  recently  surfaced  that  challenge  this 

assertion. However, it is often difficult to believe in the possibility of alien visitors 

due to the gap between verified UAP sightings and urban legend-like stories of aliens. 

This article examines multifaceted information and provides a holistic overview to 

assess the obscurity and controversy behind UAP. First, it examines documented 

incidents  from  children  witnesses  involved  in  5  separate  UAP  encounters. 

Subsequently, it reviews 5  verified  cases  reported  by  groups  of  adults  that  fulfill 

specific criteria, such as third-party testimonies, consistent stories, physical evidence, 

polygraph  tests,  and  follow-up  government  investigations.  Further,  the  article 

outlines examples of pilots who have experienced UAP, along with military reports 

on “Foo-Fighters” that can be traced back to World War I. Furthermore, it explores 

20  historical  accounts  of UAP  pre-dating  the  invention  of airplanes.  Finally, the 

article considers official reports and statements from the government, military, and 

scientists to deduce the connection between UAP and alien life


E-mail:  Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed to: 

Go Han, Hanyang University, 222 Wangsimni-ro, Sageun-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Kore


Read The Full Article here: ALIENS AND UFO’S

Download full article .pdf Here: Aliens and UFO full .pdf Article Download.

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